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Expanded Licenses

If your use of our content extends beyond a single person viewing it, your company may require an expanded license. This doesn't always mean additional full subscriptions for everyone who needs to access the content, you can pay for only what you need to cover your use beyond a single subscription. 

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, you will need an expanded license to cover your use of our content.

Am I taking Fastmarkets AMM assessed prices and entering them into any internal system (spreadsheet, database, software, ERP, etc.) that is distributed to others in my company?
Even if your colleagues are not accessing Fastmarkets AMM assessed prices directly, if they have access to view them via any internal system or report circulated throughout your company, you will need an expanded license. Learn more about direct and derived data use fully customized license specific to your use. 

Alberto Anguiano, US Sales Manager

Gabriela Arroyo, US Sales Manager

Luis Corona, Business Development Manager


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